Hello, I’m Jonathon. I’m a Technical Director, Product Manager, and Software Engineer in Berlin, Germany.

I specialise in planning, designing and building friendly technical solutions to business or creative problems.
You can contact me at jonno@jonathonbellew.com


For five years I was the CTO and co-founder at Dokio, an enterprise automation company. I built the initial prototype, and led the development team that continues to work on Dokio now. I worked with enterprise clients to understand their problems; planning, designing and developing the overall structure of the application; and many other tasks as the company grew from an initial idea to the B2B SaaS product it is today.


At Liquorice I was the first Technical Director, where I worked on web and app development. I helped build and manage the development team, and designed and built the “Aniseed” CMS.

Something Splendid

I was one half of Something Splendid, where we designed and developed a whole range of fun things for fun clients for five years.